Our Story

The AriNiyla Story: Where Fashion Meets Comfort 

Once upon a time, in the heart of a bustling city on the south side of Chicago, there existed a mother of 2 beautiful daughters with big dreams. Whose vision echoed with the subtle thoughts of sewing machines, the scent of freshly cut fabric, and the unwavering passion of its founder, Tasha Pratt.

The Genesis 

Ariana my first-born daughter was a very eclectic dresses in her own way, always dressing herself without regard of the next persons opinion. Even today her subtle fashion sense is still loud and boastful. Niyla, the second born to me with an eye for detail, art and unique creativeness has grown to draw and create her own art with a taste of her very own exclusivity. I myself take pride in my own loud and boastful fashion, I enjoy a bright pair of kicks, combined with a dark pair of jeans and a subtle top to balance everything out. To me it was destined to create a fashion combined of Ariana and Niyla, hence the name AriNiyla was born.

The Birth of AriNiyla 

The name AriNiyla was an amalgamation of my daughter’s names—Ariana and Aniyla. These young women, with their timeless grace and unyielding strength, became the brand’s guiding stars. AriNiyla was more than just clothing; it was a tribute to generations past and a promise to generations to come.

The Signature Hoodie

 AriNiyla’s first creation was a meticulously designed rhinestone hoodie. It was neither too stiff nor too casual—a perfect blend of sophistication and ease. I envisioned it gracing the workplace, casual events, and candlelit dinners alike. The hoodie became the cornerstone of the brand, a symbol of tailored comfort not too much and not too little.

The Quiet Revolution 

Word spread like wildfire. AriNiyla wasn’t just a brand; it was a movement. Women slipped into AriNiyla hoodies, feeling empowered yet unencumbered. Men donned AriNiyla shirts and hoodies, their confidence soaring. The secret? Quality fabrics, impeccable cuts, and an unwavering commitment to affordability.

The Ethos 

AriNiyla’s ethos was simple:

Inclusivity: Every body shape, every gender—AriNiyla welcomed all.
Sustainability: Eco-friendly materials, ethical production, and a promise to leave a lighter footprint.
Timelessness: Trends came and went, but AriNiyla remained—a steadfast companion in life’s myriad moments.

The Pop-Up Shop 

One sunny afternoon, I was given the opportunity with a transformed studio into a pop-up shop. The racks held AriNiyla’s latest collection—hoodies, t-shirts, and that signature rhinestone hoodie. The air buzzed with excitement as curious souls stepped inside.

The Whispered Conversations

Where did you find this?” a young woman inquired, tracing the detailed design on a hoodie. “Affordable luxury,” I replied, her eyes twinkling. “That’s our promise.”

The Future

As AriNiyla expanded beyond city limits, I obviously dreamed of global runways, collaborations with artists, and a flagship store with a view of a skyline in outside of Illinois. But a midst it all, I vowed to remain true to her roots—the small studio, the affordable luxury, and the legacy of Ariana and Niyla.

And so, the AriNiyla story continued—a tale of elegance, comfort, and the belief that everyone deserved to feel beautifully themselves.